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Opel Kadett / Astra GTE 1984 Rare Low Mileage Classic Car

Rare Low Mileage 1984 Opel Kadett GTEA rare opportunity to acquire a matching numbers and very original Opel/Vauxhall Kadett/Astra GTE (LHD)These cars were only produced over a period of 2 years and are now highly collectible due to the fact that so few remain, less than 10 remain on UK roads.This car has covered 79,000 kilometres (49,000 miles).It is a very original example and is offered as standard from factory condition apart from the restored paintwork and an updated head unit.I drove this car from Bilbao to Marbella, approx 8 hours and the engine and gearbox didn´t miss a beat. It sounds and drives like a new car still.It has never had any modifications and you can tell when you drive this wonderful hot hatch.Overall a beautiful and rare mileage appreciating classic car which...

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